Types of Essays and Essay Topics for Kids



Writing an essay is an essential part of school projects; however, choosing a topic from a variety of topics is a challenging task for students. Essays can be defined as interpretative or analytical literary compositions. Majority of students do not realize the importance of essays and consider essay writing as a worthless activity. Essay writing is very important because it develops the writing skills of the students. Analytical, critical thinking and research skills of students get improved when they have started to write an essay. Essays are of different types. The different types of essays with essay topics for kids are mentioned below:

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  1. Descriptive Essays: You describe a person, place or event in a descriptive essay. A descriptive topic should be something that the kids already know and like. Here are some topics for a descriptive essay:


  1. World War I and II
  2. My Best Friend
  • Things I Like to Do in My Life
  1. The Person I Admire the Most
  2. Global Warming


  1. Argumentative Essays: Students have to put forth their point of views in argumentative essays. The argumentative essay cannot be based on personal knowledge because students have to find enough proof to support their opinions and thoughts for an argumentative essay. Here are some topics for an argumentative essay:


  1. Should Smoking in Public be Band?
  2. Harmful Effects of Plastic Bags
  • There Are Reasons We Love Chocolate
  1. Is Mobile Phone a Necessity or Nuisance
  2. Harmful Effects of Video Games


  1. Persuasive Essays: Persuasive essays are somewhat similar to argumentative essays. Students have to give their opinion in a persuasive essay to persuade readers. There are opinions and disagreements in persuasive essays. Here are some topics for persuasive essays:


  1. Bilingual Education in School
  2. How Much is Too Much Homework?
  • Animals Should Not be Caged
  1. Can You Live without Television?
  2. Should Kids Have a Cellphone?


  1. Compare and Contrast Essays: Essays of this type help students differentiate between different things. Students have to find a relation between two contrasting ideas in a compare and contrast essay. Here are some topics for compare and contrast essays:


  1. Reading from Book vs. Reading from an eBook
  2. American English vs. British English
  • Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi
  1. Comparing Two Music Types
  2. Urban Living vs. Rural Living



  1. Autobiography Essays: Autobiography essays test the level of general knowledge and imagination of the students. Students have to personify a living or non-living thing in an autobiography essay. Here are some topics for autobiography essays:


  1. Autobiography of a Book
  2. Autobiography of a Pen
  • Autobiography of a Tree
  1. Autobiography of a Prince
  2. Autobiography of Sea


Essay topics and types of essays described above can be altered slightly by the teacher. It is the responsibility of teachers to give appropriate guidelines to students for each type of an essay. Students should try practice writing essays on the above topics if they really want to improve their essay writing skills.

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