The 3 Main Ingredients of a High Quality Essay

Essay writing is the most disturbing task for some students; however, essay writing is not that difficult as it may seem to students. There are three essential ingredients of an essay. Here they are:


  1. The essay must address a specific topic.
  2. An essay must provide an answer to the question.
  3. In most cases, essay assumes the form possessed by an argument.


3 essential ingredients of an essay are discussed in detail below:


Your Position Concerning the Topic

The main purpose of an essay is to address a topic, and in some occasions, the subject of an essay may possibly be distinguished from the topic if the larger picture is reserved in mind. The subject tells in simple terms about what an essay is all about while the topic of the essay is your position on the subject within reach. It helps in giving an opening to the expression of your opinion on the subject. You must hold the perspective that you hold on the subject, and the position you adopt. Questions concerning the how’s and why’s of the particular topic will help you to find out whatever position you finally take.


In the case of writing dissertations for a doctorate degree, students have the freedom to pick the topic, and they can sort out the issue to make refinements to their topic along with the help of their supervisor.


What Questions Are You Attempting to Answer?

The problem that many students face in this respect is about the question that is, not always spelled out for students. Students can find out numerous questions concerning the essay in the instructions, which are composed of directive words, such as compare and contrast, outline or the one that strikes fear on part of an essay writer discuss. Answering questions will not do. You must support your answer with an appropriate argument.


What does the word, ‘argument’ mean?

In most cases, the word ‘argument’ stands for disagreement. However, in case of academic writing, the word ‘argument’ is about realizing the two sides of an issue and taking the position of the one side. An academic argument is comprised of three primary elements that are:

  • The claim in whose favor you are arguing
  • Reasons that go towards supporting the particular claim
  • Providing reasonable evidence that serves as a bridge between your reasoning and the claim.


In case of the field of academic writing, the claim about an argument is typically referred to as a thesis statement. The thesis statement should be reasonable and logical.


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