Significance of Essay Map for Essay Writing


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Successful essay writing requires lots of planning. The most effective method to create an essay is mapping. Mapping helps students to generate and connect ideas in an essay. Many students do not understand the significance of essay map. When you look at your research question, then some ideas come to your mind, and it is important that you note those ideas down. It will make your research organized and far easier.


Following is a list of things that you can note initially when you have read the research question for the first time:

  • What information you already have about the topic? (From presentations, and lectures)
  • Things that need to be found out or secondary questions about the topic that must be answered.
  • General idea about the topic and research question; what you think your conclusion can be.


Above list will help you in devising your discussion and appropriate essay map. It will also help in organizing your reading and investigation, because your mind would already be made up for the things that you have to search for.


You will start your essay with a blank sheet of paper and a black pen. You will be writing every idea that comes to your mind about the essay assignment. Once you have noted down all the ideas, the next step for you should be making relations between different ideas. You can make a separate category while listing down ideas. The most important step that you need to follow for essay writing is to make links between the ideas. Moreover, you have to group essay writing ideas together. It will lead you to the construction of paragraphs, which will contain the description of similar ideas.


You know that there are three parts of an essay namely the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Grouping of ideas must be done in such a way that you have ideas for all three parts of an essay.


What’s the point of making an essay map?

Following 4 points answer this question:

  1. It allows you to construct a logical argument.
  2. It structures an essay, and make drawing of conclusion a lot easier.
  3. You will not have to brainstorm time and again to find right expressions.
  4. You mind never wanders from the main topic.


It is your job to decide which ideas should be included, and which needs to be discarded. You cannot write on every idea, and you will have to take care that your essay does not contain too much diversities. First of all, you should read all your ideas, arrange them in groups, and decide which group should be converted into paragraphs.


Brainstorming will always lead you to successful essay writing, because it sets the essay map for you from Essay Tigers. With the help of instructions mentioned above, you can create a proper essay map that will guide you in the right direction. You can also look at essay map examples to broaden your understanding about how to make an essay map.

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