Realizing the Importance of Structure for Essay Writing

Do you lack writing skills? Or do you think essay writing is a daunting task? If you suffer to come up with a standout essay, then you should rethink why you are failing to come up with a good essay. Essay writing is not that difficult as you may think it is. If you realize the importance of structure, then essay writing will not remain a difficult task for you. Here is how you should plan your essay:

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The first and the most important part of an essay is introduction. If you cannot grab the attention of your audience in the beginning, then it is meaningless that the audience will read your essay. Background information about the subject is the first thing that you have to come up with to write an essay. You will present background information in a way to link it with your essay topic. The thesis statement has to come up in the end of introductory part of your essay. Your thesis statement will give the audience idea about what you are going to cover in your essay.



If you are able to grab the attention of your audience in the introductory part of your essay, then it is more likely that the audience will like to read your essay further. You should provide supporting points in the body paragraphs of your essay to support your thesis statement. You should support the supporting points of your essay with evidences and examples. You should mention every supporting point in the body of you essay in a separate paragraph. You should also make use of the transition sentences to link your previous paragraph with the next paragraph.



It is the second most important part of an essay after introduction. The purpose of writing conclusion is to convince your readers with your opinion or judgment about the topic. You will need to rewrite your thesis statement in conclusion in a way that makes you win readers’ trust. You can say that conclusion summarizes your essay topic. You have to be quick and efficient while writing the conclusion of an essay.


Have you noticed how an essay structure can help you come up with a winning essay? Remember that there are three parts of essay structure namely, introduction, body, and conclusion. To sum up, introduction is the most important part of your essay, body keeps your readers engage with your essay, and conclusion summarizes your essay topic.

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